Excerpts from the well wishers:
It is unfortunate that Dalit organisations are becoming nonfunctional and failing in fulfilling the interests of the Dalit, for some or the other reason. Even the Educated Dalit stay away from their social responsibility of uplifting the Dalit.

In such a situation, Sri.Mohanangayya Swami is doing an exemplary service by starting, “Scheduled castes, Scheduled tribes, Studies and Development Trust (R)” to educate and train the Dalit about social welfare programmes and facilities from different govt. departments.

Dr. B. Hanumayya
(Former Vice Chancellor, Mangalore University)

It is praise-worthy that “Scheduled castes, Scheduled tribes, Studies and Development Trust (R)” is working creatively for the betterment and creation of self-reliant Dalit communities, without any slogans and publicity.

Dr. Abhaya Kumar
(Professor, Kannada Studies Center, Mangalore University)

“Women self-employment counselling centre” is one among many dreams of Sri.Mohanangayya swami. Swami walks the talk, therefore, deprived will always benefit from them.

Mr. K. Yadava Shetty
(Principal secretary, Karnataka Prantha Raitha Sangha, District division, D.K)