overview-smlThis Trust was started in 1993, with the objective of practical and constructive upliftment of the children, women and negelected lot from the downtrodden communities of our society, especially, scheduled castes (SC) and scheduled tribes (ST).

Founder of this Trust, Sri. Mohanangayya Swami is a well known veterean in the Dalit and social movements since the 80s. In its tenure of twenty one years, this trust has completed many Karnataka state and Central govt. projects with the above said objectives.

Since its inception, the trust has been working with the objective of identifying the basic infrastructure requirements of these people. Thanks to this trust, many SC/ST families are identified as landless, homeless and siteless in the Dakshina Kannada district.

Trust learnt that majority of the people belonging to SC/ST community were either unaware or unable to procure a caste certificate and in turn were left out of the govt. social welfare projects. In this regard, trust has been conducting many awareness programmes in the village level and guiding SC/ST community people to obtain caste certificates.

Trust also learnt that majority of the people belonging to SC/ST community were skill-less and engaged mostly in labour jobs, and therefore, remained poor financially. Thus, to improve the financial conditions of these people, trust has been organising many skill develepment and enterpreneurial development programmes.

Following are the main projects handled by the Trust in the past fifteen years, (1). Women self-employment Counselling centre (2). Spandana Family Counselling Centre (3). Enterprenuership development programme in ‘Udyogini’ scheme (4). Rural and Urban Sthree Shakthi self help group skill development training programme (5). Women empowerment progrmmes like Garments and Tailoring, Beautician, Artificial jewellary making, Fashion design, Ready-made garment, Candle making, Herbal phenyl preparation, Bakery item preparation training.

Our nation is facing unemployment problem and the Trust believes that self employment is only the way out of this situation. In this connection, Trust has started “Self Employment Counselling Centre” and has been guiding people from all the sections of the society irrespective of caste and religion. In this centre, people are are given training and awareness programmes to start self-employment jobs, financial & logistics management, loan facilities available form different govt. schemes.

In order to Work constructively to the prosperity of the people of Scheduled Caste & Scheduled Tribes, and to work on the development of
Women’s, Children’s and society’s disenfranchised people
the Organization called “Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes Studies And Development Trust® a non-profit organization came into existence in the year 1993.

During the downtrodden (Dalit) movement in the ’80s, Mr. Mohanangayya Swami worked with organizations of social workers & laid down the non-profit organization. 21 years to 22 years, leading to the organization, some of the projects have been successfully performed by the state and central government tied.

In the early days of the organization it has worked for the basic infrastructure of SC, ST people. So, that the most SC ST families are identified as landless and homeless people.

Most of the SC ST people, due to their caste reason, Caste certificates cannot be replaced, and they also deprived some of the government benefits, that later came to light. So that it has organized awareness meetings at village level,
prompting each member of Scheduled caste and Tribes to obtain certificates from the Organization.

After realizing that the majority people of SC ST running their life as wage laborers,
Career-skill development program, and Entrepreneurial development program has been regularly organized by the Trust, for the economical up-gradation of SC ST people.

Over the past 15 years, the projects of the organization is performed by the state and central government some of them are: Women self-employment Guidance Center, Family Advisory Center, Entrepreneurial training program,
Training Program for rural and urban Self -help groups, And also for the empowerment of Women the organization has given Vocational skills trainings
Like tailoring, fashion designing, manufacture of Ready-made dress, beautician, artificial jewelry making, candle, Herbal phenol, baked snacks manufacturing etc…

Protracted unemployment in the country . Self- udyogave solution
Self – employment guidance center for people from all sections of society , opened the self-employed to carry out the necessary financial assistance , assistance to various government departments , as well as guidance for running the service

The firm believes that the only solution to the problems of unemployment in the country is self- Employment. So for this it has open the Self – employment guidance center for people from all sections of society to carry out the necessary financial support, assistance to various government departments, and by providing guidance services the organization is running successfully.


• To stuffing the Self-confidence in the minds of SC ST people those who are far left from the Civil Society, Education deprived, and those who are persecuted and exploited by the upper class people.
• Self- motivation to build Self-esteem life.
• Bringing the Awareness of the importance of education
• To work for the progress of individuals and the family
• To work on the development of Women’s, Children’s and society’s disenfranchised people is the main objectives of the Organization.

Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Caste communities have their own cultural heritage for hundreds of congregations. These nations, social , cultural, ethnic , and are conducting a study and research in the form of audio-video, and register in the form of books and transfer to the next generation is the main purpose of this organization